Just Honeymoons - Poor service, lack of knowledge, unwilling to fix problem

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Booked trip through above travel agency.Additional charges unprepared for on rental car in Memphis.

Arrived in Nashville at a hotel that was not close to any attractions, had no shuttle service. The tours agent set up had no transfer service. Cabs to the attractions were $25.00 one way! Even the hotel staff thought it was odd that our travel agent would book that particular hotel for us; it's primarily a convention hotel.

We set up three tours, Grand Ole Opry Backstage, Grand Ole Opry Show and Jefferson Jackson Riverboat cruise. There was only a reservation for the Grand Ole Opry Show. Travel agent said our name was spelled incorrectly, but all three reservations were under Gaylord attractions. The Grand Ole Opry and the Jefferson Jackson reservationists were most accommodating.

The Jefferson Jackson Riverboat tour was scheduled for Easter Sunday at 12:00. This is what was on our itinerary and what was booked.

When we arrived to pick up our tickets (thank God it was the day before), we were informed that they did not have our reservation, there was no cruise for 12:00 and the cruise that was scheduled for Sunday was at 2:00 and was a children's Easter egg hunt.

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